5 Tips to Get Hassle-free House Moves in Alberta


Top Tips for Getting a House to be Moved in Alberta

Finding a home that you want to be moved to your property can be a stressful and problematic. Finding a way to make this process easier? By following some simple steps, the process of getting a house moved can be much easier than you think.

Hence, in this article, you will get to know the most essential tips to remember to make every move safe, easy and efficient. 

How to Recognize Reliable Provider of House Moves in Alberta

If moving isn’t complicated enough, try choosing from a wide selection of movers in Alberta. Your mind could play tricks on you and you would end up getting a not-so-competent moving company when there are literally lots of choices. This would give you a comprehensive list of guidelines in order to get to the right service provider. 

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  1. Search and eliminate

When you do a specific online search of building moving companies (either for interstate or intrastate moves), you may still get an overflowing number of choices that include movers of buildings and belongings. To ensure that you would not waste time checking which of them fit your needs, eliminate results that do not provide house moves in Alberta and make a list of building movers. You may ask friends and family if there’s a company they recommend so you can check on them too. From that list, open the pages that strike you the most so you can dig on them one by one.

  1. Do more elimination

At this point, it is expected that you have read through the websites of your choice companies. From what you’ve read, you must have companies in mind that can be considered in your “priority list”. If you have not, eliminate choices that are not members of any association of building movers or reputable mover programs. Also, call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get essential information they have on your list of companies.


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  1. Investigate

Now that you have screened your initial list, visit the movers and check on the following:

-Ask if they are aware of and strictly follow the Good Practice for Canadian Movers? Do they have service contracts that indicate liabilities and responsibilities along with specifications of liabilities on loss and damages? Do they have insurance to cover the company and their liabilities?

-Know if their equipment owned, leased or contracted to another company. If they have a sub-contractor, ask for the company’s details. Check that they have the right tools and equipment to transport a building.

-In any case that your building will be left with them overnight, ask if they have storage space and manpower to secure the building. Speaking of manpower, ask if they have workers’ compensation that could cover employee injuries which may occur during the move.

-Check if they provide services after the move. Will they help with moving and unpacking of things inside your building?

  1. Ask for an Estimate

There are factors that will affect the price of a building move. These include the size, age, location and additional rooms or parts of the structure such as the basement. Hence, an on-site/area inspection should be done. Let go of any company that says they can provide an estimate over the phone and be sure to make them aware of important information to provide the most accurate estimate.

The estimate should not only be given verbally but in writing. It should be on paper with the company name, the physical address, and telephone number. Other details indicated on the letter should include details and how it came to that price or total, the  of dimensions of the structure, items and value of everything that will be moved and terms of payment.

Don’t settle with a company because they offer the lowest price. Weigh your choices based on estimate, quality, service, manpower, equipment, liabilities and more. Remind yourself that high-quality ho services come with a price but this doesn’t mean you must settle with the provider with the most expensive estimate either. It’s alright to negotiate the price but

It’s alright to negotiate the price but don’t expect a large discount (if ever there will be) since building moves really cost money. A good company will not ask you to pay in full but requires a reasonable down payment that will be covered by a contract.

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  1. Read the contract

Read and understand any contract before signing. You should also have the company explain any part that you need clarification on. Details such as claims and insurance, replacement and value protection, services and more should be detailed in the contract. Be sure that you and your properties will be well-represented and covered by your contract to avoid confusion when something happens.

There may be paperwork that you need before the move, your chosen moving company will be well-versed on those details so it will be a good idea to also ask them about it.

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